THE BDK 5-DAY Mixed martial arts TRAINING CAMP


The BDK 5-Day MMA training camp is available to individuals who commit to the advanced BDK Black Belt program. It is an ideal immersion into the Budokon style of mixed martial arts and is for an individual who is committed and inspired to pursue their Black Belt within the Budokon® Mixed Movement Arts System. Our focus on striking, grappling, mobility, nutrition and mental coaching produces extraordinary results. 


For 5 days you will train daily with our BKD Black Belt Professors.  All students will be eligible after three consecutive Black Belt Training Camps to test on their 4th Camp to advance toward their Budokon MMA Black Belt. As a student you begin with a White Belt and transition through Red, Blue, Purple, Brown and finally Black. It is typically a 5 year process to become a BDK Mixed Movement Arts Black Belt. In order to be eligible to participate in the Black Belt Training Camp the students goes through an application process which validates their intentions and commitment to become a Black belt in our system.

If you would like a longer course with a martial arts and calisthenics focus please explore the BDK 20-Day MMA or the BDK 500hr MMA. each belt requires a minimum of four separate 3-day phases. Training phases can be spread out over 6-24 months for each belt. It takes the typical student 1 year to achieve each belt. 


Our meals are primarily 100% organic plant based meals with periodically offered ethically raised grass fed chicken, wild caught fish and pasture raised eggs. There is space for storing food for those with special dietary needs. Housing is offered at BDK Academy in Miami, or students may choose to find accommodations themselves.

Food and accommodations might be available for other Training Camps than Miami. Please inquire with your registration.  


To speak with one of our staff about further details please click here

Our tuition costs are as follows 

White Belt (New student): $699 / Red Belt: $599 / Blue Belt: $499 / Purple: $299 / Brown: $199 

Same prices apply in EUR.

Tuition fee is not refundable, however transferable to a future training with BDK University up to 60 days prior to training camp. 

Tuition does not include accommodations nor meals. Additional costs vary depending on location. 

BDK Academy Miami additional costs are $300 for ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES including meals and accomodation.