Brynnen has been a high level athlete all his life. He has over ten years experience competing in national youth competitions, such as the Jr. Olympics, and was a high school and collegiate All-American. He has been NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer for more than four years, and now, he is a professional kick boxer.

Brynne's philosophy is that a sound body can only exist in a sound mind, and conversely, a sound mind can only exist in a sound body. The separation between the two are nuanced, and the weakness, and strength, of one, will inevitably affect the other. You see, for every physical sensation, manipulation, or manifestation; there is corresponding brain activity. The body does nothing without the brains approval, including becoming ill, or injured. So, to have a truly healthy body, a healthy mind is essential.

This is why he become a certified Budokon instructor. Budokon believes in,  and strides towards have balance between a strong mind,  and a strong body. Our movements force concentration, and awareness, and require one to be fully present. If you are looking to make your mind and body, one; if you desire physical and mental strength and flexibility; if you want practical fitness that will contribute to your evolution.