THE BDK mobile mover


The BDK 100hr (10-day) Mobility For Movers Coaching Course is ideal for the modern mover, fitness coach, or professional teacher, who is inspired to become a professional educator in the field of Mobility & Movement. 

The BDK 100-hour Mobility Course is an unparalleled 10 day Teacher Training program ideal for any person committed to learning and teaching movement from the perspective of joint mobility. The Budokon Mobility Coach understands how to construct, deconstruct, progress and regress quadrpedal movement patterns. Our focus for this course is to develop a more complete mixed movement artist by outlining and exploring the distinctions that make joint mobility a specific category of movement education. In addition to Movement Intelligence this course will explore 5 other areas of personal development including; Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Intelligence, Nutrition Intelligence, & Environmental Intelligence.


For 10 days you will train side by side with founder Cameron Shayne and the BU staff of Black Belt Professors. In addition to studying yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, quadrupedal locomotion anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology you will be taught numerous signature Budokon Mobility Movement Chains (patterns) designed to be taught to both private clients and in public class formats. 


Our meals are primarily 100% organic plant based meals with periodically offered ethically raised grass fed chicken, fish, eggs, dairy or meat. There is space for storing food for those with special dietary needs. There is housing available at one of our partner hostels in Miami Beach, or students may choose to find accommodations themselves.

Food and accommodations are only available for our Miami Trainings. 


$3999.USD ~ ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE MIAMI, 10 days accommodations (shared lodging), all 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner & daily snacks) & Mobility Coach TT tuition.

2700EUR for tuition fee for TT in Europe. This does not include accommodation nor meals. 

A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your place. Only limited space for ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES. There are NO exceptions for refunds as space is limited to 15 students per event. If for any reason you need to change course dates, your deposit is FULLY TRANSFERABLE to any alternate date up to 60 days prior to training. The full tuition fee has to be paid 30 days prior to TT start date.