BDK 50-Hour Yoga Level -1

The BDK 50hr Yoga TT Course is designed to elevate a current yoga teacher to the next level of physical and mental strength.

The BDK 50-hour course is a 5 day Yoga Teacher Training program designed for a qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher inspired to expand their movement vernacular beyond traditional yoga constructs. The BDK 50hr Yoga student will learn the BDK Yoga Primary Series along with the BDK signature martial arts, calisthenics and peak performance coaching. Our focus for this course is to develop a more complete mixed movement artist. This course will explore 6 areas of personal development: Intellect, Emotion, Relationship, Nutrition, Environment & Movement. We believe that the most effective yoga teachers inspire others by first being extraordinary human beings.

BDK 50-Hour Mobility + 50-Hour Yoga Level -1

The BDK 100hr Yoga & Mobility TT Course is designed to give the future Budokon teacher 2 unique movement education modules to learn from the BDK UNI movement matrix.

The BDK 100-hour (10 Day) Budokon Mobility level-1 + Budokon Yoga level-1 courses gives a future teacher the base knowledge and skill necessary to qualify as both a Budokon Yoga & Budokon Mobility Teacher. In addition to Mobility this course will explore Mixed Martial Arts Striking, BJJ Grappling, Yoga, and Calisthenics along with 5 other areas of personal development including; Intellectual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Intelligence, Nutrition Intelligence, & Environmental Intelligence.


For 5 days you will train daily with founder Cameron and Melayne Shayne and the BU staff of Black Belt Professors. All students will be trained at a professional level allowing those inspired to teach BDK Yoga. Educating students in 3 different systems of movement within a 5 day time frame would be next to impossible for most systems. Budokon is unique because our 32 years of researched and tested movement curriculum interchanges seamlessly between the yoga, martial and calisthenics curriculums. This allows our educators to tailor the focus of each days training and technique around its multiple uses and variable applications across each category. 


Our meals are primarily 100% organic plant based meals with periodically offered ethically raised grass fed chicken, fish, eggs, dairy or meat. There is space for storing food for those with special dietary needs. Our ALL INCLUSIVE Package offers housing at BDK Academy ashram style, or students may choose to find accommodations themselves upon request.

Food and accommodation are only available for our Miami Training Camps if not communicated differently.. 


$1999.USD ~ ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE MIAMI, 5 nights accommodation (shared lodging), all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & daily snacks) & BDK Yoga 50h TT tuition.

BDK Yoga 50Hour + Mobility 50Hour $3499USD ~ ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE MIAMI BDK 200h Yoga, 12 days accommodations (shared lodging), all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & daily snacks) & BDK TT tuition.

1499 € ~ BDK Yoga 50h tuition for locations outside of BDK Headquarters Miami (confirm final investment with application). 

A $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your place. Only limited space for ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES. There are NO exceptions for refunds as space is limited to 15 students per event. If for any reason you need to change course dates, your deposit is FULLY TRANSFERABLE to any alternate date up to 60 days prior to training. The full tuition fee has to be paid 30 days prior to TT start date.