Nelson was born in Venezuela and has been in sport his entire life, since the age of 5 he started sprinting and shortly after became National champion in 400 and 800 meters, at the same time and following his father’s dreams was excelling in baseball playing at AA leagues all over Venezuela and the Caribbean. Hyper in soul at the age of 18 Nelson switched to a new sport and passion, Rugby. As a rugby player Nelson participated in International rugby competitions all over South and North America, playing division I and Super League in Florida, New York and the Midwest. “I’ve learned from rugby how to be a true warrior, a gentleman, how to respect others, how to overcome my own ghosts and limitations and how to be part of tribe and give it all for it, inside and outside of the field”. 

In 2012 and due a knee injury at the Rugby touch National Championship in Orlando FL, Nelson is forced to retired from Rugby and started immediately exploring new movement endeavors; “After surgery I knew that my rugby days needed to be over so I started looking for something that could keep me active the same way rugby did for 19 years, and there it was: Calisthenics, the beauty of strength”.

“Life involves an incredible amount of pushing and pulling, more than you think”. Nelson, the crazy, the father, the friend, the joker, the hyper, believes that we will never stop learning; and is because of all these reason that Nelson now joins the Budokon family and set him on the path of becoming a Budokon instructor. With the Budokon Calisthenics program, Nelson will push your limits and help you explore your own body.