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Budokon UK is a fast growing multi-cultural community that welcomes students of all ages and abilities. Through mixed movement arts, Budokon brings people together with a deeper purpose than just movement. As a collective group, we hold each other accountable to strive to be the best version of ourselves possible. The effect... a positive ripple through the world - one student/sensei at a time! It is the way of the Bushido. The journey of realizing ones own inner warrior with a sense of inner peace achieved through Budokon's six pillar system. Join us!



The Budokon UK head office is based in London. For information about classes in other regions of the UK, please scroll down to the list of Budokon UK graduates. Any UK related Budokon inquiries should be sent to: beko@budokonlondon.com

Budokon Uk Classes

Budokon Yoga Flow

A 50 minute yoga class that draws on the freedom of creative sequencing cultivated in Vinyasa yoga and the circular nature of martial arts. Budokon is the art of seamless transition, coupled with the beauty of circular rotation, gaining functional strength, cardiovascular stamina, and joint mobility. 

Teachers: Abi/ Hari/ Beko/ Jake
Location: London
Studio: Various/ 1:1 at your home
Time: Various times throughout week

Budokon Uk Classes


During the Yoga class we work on gradually building and developing our practice of the Budokon Primary Series. Then in the Mixed Movement Arts session we take this study deeper as we work our way through the journey towards Black Belt! The first session is free so come down and experience power, grace and flow!

Teacher: Beko Kaygee              Location: South London
Studio: F3-PT & Yoga Studio, London
Time: Thu, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

Budokon Uk Classes


The Mixed Movement Arts session covers Mobility, Calisthenics, Animal Locomotion, Kata, Striking Techniques, Pad work, Self Defence, 'Stand Up' Fighting/ Sparring and Ground Fighting/ Grappling/ BJJ. We gradually develop the levels of study, as we work our way through the journey towards Black Belt! 

Teacher: Beko Kaygee 
Location: Central London
Studio: Hello Love Dojo, London
Time: Sat, 3.00pm - 5.00pm


Budokon UK have run 5 nationwide events in 2017 (Brighton, Guernsey, London, Penrith & Limerick). We plan to host workshops and events at least every quarter in 2018 (including some new locations). As a general rule, we'll tend to avoid scheduling events for any month during which a European 5 day Mixed Movement Training Camp with Cameron & Melayne Shayne is taking place (they are usually held in May and September/ October). Most of the U.K teachers and many of their students will join our European brothers and sisters for these big 5 day events (a 3 day weekend intensive option is often also available).

To register and find out more about the International Training Camps, click on the events tab above and scroll down.

Budokon Yoga Uk


10 & 11 FEBRUARY 2018

Join Beko Kaygee & Head Boxing Coach: Steven Gallante for an inspirational weekend of MMA workshops!

Saturday 2-5 pm: Beginner to Advanced Punching Drills, Defence work, Footwork, Focus Pad Drills, Bag Drills and Budokon Mixed Movement: Yogic Flow, Martial Arts, Animal Locomotion and Calisthenics Conditioning. Price: £30

Sunday 2-5 pm: An afternoon of mixed movement fun and madness, suitable for all levels of new and existing Budokonistas! Provisions for adaptations, progressions and over 25 years of mixed movement experience at your disposal. Price: £30

Both Workshops: £50

Budokon Yoga Uk

BUDOKON mixed movement workshop at The lodge sPACE - LONDON

3 MARCH 2018

Join Abi Adams & Beko Kaygee at The Lodge Space, 120a Lower Road, London, SE16 2UB (near Canada Water Tube Station) for an inspirational movement experience!

Saturday 3 pm: An introduction to the Budokon System (combining yoga, mobility, martial arts, and meditation) will teach you to address areas of weakness and limited range while cultivating kinetic chains of energy and seamless transitions.

Saturday 4 pm: Exploring the fundamentals, philosophy and movement of the Yogic & Martial Arts, while playing with powerful Animal Locomotion and Calisthenics. Think like a Yogi. Live like a Warrior. Move like an Animal.


4 March 2018

6.30pm - 8pm. A free Sunday evening BDK practise with Beko at the Covent Garden Branch of Lululemon.

Tickets available from eventbrite.

Address: 19/20 Long Acre, London, England, United Kingdom



16 - 18 MARCH 2018

In March we travel to the island of Guernsey for a luxury hotel retreat like no other! You can choose to do as little or as much as you like and there will be lots to choose from for those who prefer to stay active. Sensei's Ian Rigg and Beko Kaygee will be your BDK Instructors for the weekend. Classes and workshops will include; Budokon Yoga, Tribal Yoga, Chi Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Budokon Calisthenics, Self Defence, Budokon Mobility, Budokon Animal Locomotion, Flying & Floating, Inversions and more! Your package will include accommodation and breakfast and for an additional fee, you can treat yourself to some pampering treatments such as massage, facials and hot stone therapy to name a few. Travel and transfers are not included.

To register and book this event, please email Sensei Caroline: poweryoga@cwgsy.net


7 APRIL 2018

Join Beko Kaygee for an intensive look at the curriculum requirements for achieving the Budokon Blue Belt of the Mixed Movement Arts Academy program.

Intermediate to Advanced movers and all existing, registered Red Belts are invited to participate, learn and move together at the Lodge Space in Bermondsey.

MOVEMENT ENTHUSIASTS: Be prepared to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone! We will be covering a wide variety of movement disciplines and you will gain some insight into what the Budokon Black Belt journey involves. You will do all the same training drills as the Red Belts with the exception of the Kata (Sections 1 & 2 of the White to Red Kata will be explored while the Red Belts focus on fine tuning their Red to Blue Kata). Come prepared to move through several disciplines including: Yoga, Mobility, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Striking and Grappling. 
RED BELTS: You are required to bring both your grappling and sparring gear, as we will be covering everything (not just Kata). Mind Science is also on the menu and note books are recommended.

Saturday 2 - 4 pm : The Lodge Space, London, SE16 2UB (Canada Water Tube Station or Surrey Quays Overground Station). Workshop Cost/Price: Red Belts - £25, Movement Enthusiasts £35

BUDOKON Yoga & MIXED movement arts INSPIRATION DAY - London

APRIL 2018 (Date TBC)

The London event is full day of Budokon training suitable for Yogis and Mixed Movers of all ages and abilities! For those following the yoga stream, we will be covering the Budokon Primary Series in great detail and with additional specialist workshops for things like "developing your inversions", "signature Budokon transitions" and "Martial Arts movements for non-martial artists" (how to integrate this Budokon specific style into your practice). For the mixed movers we will be covering everything from Yoga to Calisthenics to Grappling to Striking, Sparring, Self Defence and of course that all important Budokon M.M.A Syllabus (White through to Purple Belt).

BUDOKON Yoga 50 Hour Teacher training - London

14 - 18 MAY 2018

The Lodge Space, 120a Lower Road, London. SE16 2UB

The BDKY50 course is a 5-day Budokon Yoga Teacher Training Program designed for a qualified 200hr Yoga Teacher inspired to expand their movement vernacular beyond traditional yoga constructs. The BDK 50hr Yoga student will learn the BDK Yoga Primary Series along with the BDK signature martial arts, calisthenics and peak performance coaching. Our focus for this course is to develop a more complete mixed movement artist. This course will explore 6 areas of personal development: Intellect, Emotion, Relationship, Nutrition, Environment & Movement. We believe that the most effective yoga teachers inspire others by first being extraordinary human beings.



27 - 29 JULY 2018

In July we travel north for a weekend of seated and walking meditations in the Lake District and same hardcore Budokon physical development in the headquarters for Sensei Ian's Penrith based Taekwondo Club & established Budokon School! Friday will be an optional day of meditation and country walks in the famously picturesque Lake District, this will be followed on Saturday with a focus on deep Budokon Yoga Training and then on Sunday we will get stuck into some serious Mixed Movement Artistry and Budokon Syllabus training. Classes and workshops will include; Budokon Yoga, Yin/Restorative Yoga, Budokon Mixed Movement Flow, Meditation, Budokon Mind Science, Tai Chi, Budokon Animal Locomotion, Chi Kung, Budokon Calisthenics, Capoeira, Budokon Striking, Self Defense, Budokon Grappling, Flying & Floating, Budokon Kata Training, Inversions and more!

For further information and to register/ book this event, please email Sensei Ian: riggif@hotmail.co.uk


These are your contacts for Budokon UK. Friendly, approachable and available to answer any UK related Budokon inquiries.


sensei beko

Director for Budokon® UK and the Budokon® Academy - London. A Reebok Sponsored International Fitness Presenter and Master Trainer, Beko Kaygee has been promoting movement, exercise, health and well-being for over 25 years.



Ian began studying TaeKwon-Do in 1990 and is currently a 5th degree black belt, running his own school in Penrith, Cumbria, since 2002. During the day Ian teaches mindfulness meditation in the NHS and is also a lead tutor for the Mindfulness Association; teaching on their one year courses, and the Studies in Mindfulness MSc, he graduated from in 2013. Ian has had the opportunity to train directly with both Kancho Cameron and his senior Black Belt Professor - Donato Helbling, on a number of occasions and is currently a Budokon Blue Belt and Budokon 200 hour Yoga Instructor.

Jake Paul White Budokon Yoga Teacher


With over 1000 hours of trainings under his belt, Jake Paul White has been studying the art of movement for over 10 years. With keen attention to detail and an obsession for fluidity in movement.


Abi has been practising yoga for over 15 years. She took her 200hr YTT with Brian Cooper (Ashtanga), founder of Union Yoga. 3 years later, she travelled to India for 2 months to study with Yogi Vishvketu of World Yoga Family. It was here in this 500hr YTT that Abi found Kundalini. More recently, she has spent another month in Miami, studying under the watchful eyes of Kancho Cameron Shayne and his team of movement experts. She is currently a Budokon Red Belt and BDK 500hr Yoga & Mixed Movement Specialist, teaching dynamic & inspirational classes across London.

UK budokon graduates

Live in the United Kingdom? Looking for a Budokon Teacher in your region? Check out our list of graduates below. These are the only individuals in the UK who have been authorized to teach the specific Budokon movement system for which they have received certification.

Budokon University


Thania Tympanari

Chris Salton

Joe Ross

Linda Treen


Sara Munro

Max Munro


Jake Paul White


Steve Clarke

Arooj Urwin


Greg Downing


Adele James


Ian Rigg

Holi Ilex  

Not listed? BDK teacher that's just moved to the UK? Or are you a recently certified, UK based Budokon instructor?
To get yourself listed here, send an email to: beko@budokonlondon.com