the budokon black belt system

The Budokon ranking system is a means of signifying a practitioner's increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skill within the art of Budokon. Colored belts that are worn as part of the uniform are awarded to the practitioner. While the ranking system's structure shares its origins with the Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ranking system and that of all colored martial arts belts, the Budokon ranking system grew to incorporate unique aspects and themes such as Yoga, Mobility, Animal Locomotion, Calisthenics and Cognitive Studies. 

Adult belt ranks


White belt is the first belt within Budokon. The rank is held by any practitioner new to the art and has no prerequisite. A white belt level practitioner works to obtain a well-rounded skill set, with a knowledge of basic combat, conditioning and cognitive techniques. From White to Blue the practitioner is introduced to the foundations of all the systems and is expected to learn the largest body of basic curriculum.  


Blue belt is the second adult rank in the Budokon system. We require a practitioner to remain a blue belt for a minimum of two years. At the blue belt level, students gain a wide breadth of technical knowledge and undertake hundreds of hours of practical application to learn how to implement their techniques efficiently. Blue belt is often the rank at which the student learns to formulate their own use of techniques and are held to high standards in the development of character and as leaders. The Budokon University requires that a practitioner be at least 16 years old to receive a blue belt, thereby officially entering into the adult belt system.


Purple belt is the intermediate adult ranking in Budokon and typically held for one to two years. The purple belt level practitioner has gained a large amount of knowledge, and purple belts are generally considered qualified to help instruct lower-ranked students. At the purple belt level there is a strong emphases placed on developing as a teacher. 


The Budokon University requires a practitioner remain a brown belt for a minimum of one year. Aside from the exceptional belts awarded at the highest levels, brown belt is the highest ranking color belt in Budokon. Brown belt typically requires at least five years of dedicated training to achieve. It is often thought of as a time for refining techniques.


The Budokon University requires a practitioner remain a black belt for a minimum of 5 years before stripe eligibility. As with many other martial arts, the black belt is the highest common belt within Budokon, denoting an expert level of technical and practical skills. Budokon black belts are addressed within the art as professor.


The Budokon Gold belt is worn by the founder and director of the organization.