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Episode 14: Are you playing the victim? Yes, #youtoo

On today's controversial episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto recruited special guests, Melayne Shayne and Jose Rivera, to discuss the topic of victimization.  We cover the whole construct of victim language, mentality, and decision-making process.

We help to answer questions like, Is the world happening "to you," instead of "for you?"  What strategies and tactics are you using in your life to feed your victim mentality?

In a very honest conversation, we cover a number of topics like what's happening in Hollywood and the #metoo movement, and how this may be feeding a victim mentality instead of creating an empowered one.

Episode 13: Is anything you believe even real?

Today Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto go real deep and discuss one of Budokon's core principles, the distinction between a relative reality vs an absolute reality.

What is connected to me?  What is happening to me or happening around me? These questions are asked every day when you live in a "Relative State."

Once you understand that your absolute reality is greater than your true self,  and is happening with or without your witness of it,  your perception of reality can drastically change for the better.

Episode 12: Should I end my relationship? (LIVE from BDK 500 hour Mixed Mover camp)

In this special LIVE episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto sit down with his students on day 9 of a 30-day BDK 500 hour Mixed Mover camp at Budokon University, for a mind science session.  

When asked who want to participate, Jules speaks up looking for some answers on why he is questioning his relationship with his girlfriend, and if his feelings are strong enough to stay with her.

For more details and to sign-up, please visit:  BDK 500 Hour Mixed Mover Camp.


This unique and life-changing training camp is the longest and most extensive program that Budokon University offers. For 30-days we bring people together from all walks of life, movement backgrounds, skill levels, and fitness goals and transform them into BDK mixed movement artists. Our focus on nutrition, mixed movement training, and mental coaching produces extraordinary results in both the new mover and the professional teacher. 


For 30 days you will train daily with founder Cameron Shayne and the BU staff of Black Belt Professors. All students will be trained at a professional level allowing those inspired to teach BDK Yoga and BDK Calisthenics to test for both certifications. All students will also be eligible to test for their BDK Martial Arts Red Belt on the final weekend of the course. Educating students in 3 different systems of movement within a 30-day time frame would be next to impossible for most systems. Budokon is unique because our 32 years of researched and tested movement curriculum interchanges seamlessly between our yoga, martial arts, and calisthenics curriculums. This allows our educators to tailor the focus of each day's training and technique around its multiple uses and variable applications across each category. 

Episode 9: The essence of movement. Becoming & existing as a movement athlete.

In this episode of the pod, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss being, becoming and existing as a movement athlete.  We cover a large range of topics from, how to get started as a beginner, how to begin moving as an older adult, how to move with preexisting injuries, and our favorite, how adding different ranges of movement can add years to your professional athletic career.

Episode 8: How to understand your partner better & the reasons why most relationships fail

Are you in a relationship and feel unheard or attacked?  Did you ever wonder why your partner bottles up and gives you the cold shoulder?  Whether you are in an intimate relationship or have a close relationship with friends and family, this is the episode for you!

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto talk about relationships and discuss a revolutionary approach that has been helping couples understand themselves and their partner better.

There is one common dynamic of why relationships that fail: One partner (lion) reacts with outbursts of anger, while the other (unicorn) tries to avoid conflict in ways that only make things worse.

These constructs were first introduced to Cameron by now friend Mark Waller, the author of, "The Dance of the Lion and the Unicorn."

In this episode you will get to hear from both perspectives of the lion and the unicorn's point of view, using real-life examples as Cameron's wife Melayne joins the podcast.

Episode 7: A journey to achieving greatness. An interview with Rafael Lovato Jr., one of the worlds greatest competitors.

Whether you are in business, are an athlete, or want to better yourself, this interview with Rafael Lovato Jr. shows one man’s journey on how to achieve greatness, and how you can apply these principles to your life to achieve success.  Rafael stopped by the Budokon University to better understanding how the Budokon system can add power, flexibility, movement, and longevity to any athlete's career.

 Although Lovato is known as a successful competitor in high-level competition, he is particularly notable for being the third American (B.J. Penn being the first) to win the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship as a black belt.

Rafael (6'3" 185) is a black belt under Carlos Machado, the oldest of the Machado family. Rafael has had a long and formative training history with Xande and Saulo Ribeiro, one which began after he competed against Saulo in the finals of the 2003 Arnold Classic, when Rafael was just 19 years old.

Rafael is currently 6-0 as a professional fighter and is expected to face Chris Honeycutt at Bellator 189 Live on Spike Sports.

Episode 6: Learn how to use language to empower greatness

Did you know that our feelings are based on the questions and key words we say to ourselves and how we respond to them? What internal dialogue are you having with yourself right now?

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss the use of words and how much impact they have on others and how the internal conversation you have with yourself determines your state of being.

Episode 5: There is no Right or Wrong

Is what I am saying really the right thing?  How come what's right for me, is wrong for someone else?  Today Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto help break down the different constructs between "right and wrong," and how we are constantly negotiating between the two.  When you start to adopt the belief that there is no "absolute" right and wrong, you can begin to remove negative mental roadblocks from your life.

Episode 4: Beliefs & how they shape your reality

In this episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto talk about beliefs and how they shape your reality. Constructs are the products of beliefs. We see them take shape and form as cultures, religions, perspectives, opinions, and general reality. Beliefs trap the human mind in fixed ways of being, seeing and doing everything. As a result, our entire reality is built upon them. How do we change them to create the reality we want?

Episode 2: Building a brand for your movement business & how to market yourself [Part 1 of 2]

In this two-part episode, Cameron Shayne & Mark Baratto discuss how to build a brand specific to the movement community like yoga teachers, fitness professionals, martial artists and movement coaches, and how to market yourself socially.

Book reference:  The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason