“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” 
― C.G. Jung


Born in 1971 in Charlotte NC, Budokon Founder Cameron Shayne is considered the father and founder of Mixed Movement Arts. Cameron pioneered the phrase and concept of BDK Mixed Movement Arts by combining Martial Arts, Yoga, Calisthenics, and Living Arts into a single black belt system known as Budokon (BU warrior, DO way, KON spirit) . He is a social philosopher, educator, UFC & Bellator fight & movement coach, yogi, satirist, artist, and writer. Based in Los Angeles, CA, during the 90's, the mecca for yoga in the Western world, Cameron established himself as one of the pioneering voices and transmitters of contemporary yoga, martial and the movement arts. Known as a teacher of teachers, he is renowned as the founder of the Budokon Yoga style, the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts Black Belt System, Budokon University, BDK Academy, and for his inspiring and provocative writings and Podcast influencing the contemporary movement scene. His radically honest and transparent style of teaching through critical self analysis has established him as a guiding voice for modern yoga and the movement culture world wide. 


Cameron began studying Martial Arts and Zen meditation at the age of 12, yoga asana at 21, and calisthenics training at 25. He has black belts in both Yoshukai Japanese Karate-do under Shihan Jerry Blanck, and Korean Olympic Style Taekwondo under Masters Paul & Dan Harmon, as well as his brown belt in Gracie Jiu-jitsu under Ryan Gracie black belt, Professor Gui Arashiro. He has been studying and sharing Yoga, Martial Arts, Mixed Movement Arts and Zen meditation collectively for over 30 years. He currently lives and runs Budokon University & BDK Academy in Miami Florida with his wife Budokon University vice president Melayne Shayne. 

All photography by Ysa Pérez / www.ysaperez.com